Melody Duel is Released

Melody Duel is now complete. It's a rhythm game where, instead of playing to the beat of a song, you play to the beat of your opponent. Take turns sending waves of notes for your opponent to match. If you both make it through your turns perfectly, the difficulty increases and the game continues. If one of your slips up, the game ends. Whoever has the least slip-ups wins.


  • Local Multiplayer with customizable options/settings.
  • Online Multiplayer, using fixed rules for now, to avoid hoping into a room with crazy rulesets.

While there are some small edits and nice-to-have improvements to still make, it works well enough. Later, I'll swing back to this project, add some extra polish and release an cross-compatible Android version. For now, I'll be focusing my attention to a new project.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Apr 06, 2019

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